Newquay: Electric Beach Festival Weekend

This place is not far from where we live, and this place always reminds me of home. So if you’re Filipino and you want to feel “at home,” or maybe just be in a slow-paced town surrounded by some good vibed, friendly, and smiley people, this is a must visit.

I’ve heard about Newquay, but only really decided to go because of a festival that I wanted to be part of since one of my favourite bands are playing… “The Cat Empire!” The ticket was only 25GBP/person, so we just had to. I started to introduce the band to Chris as well, and he loved it!

So we booked our hotel at Glendeavor Hotel, which was a 2 minute walk to the town centre, and about 20 minute walk to the Fistral Beach (surfing spot and where the festival was). Booked 2 nights, and it so happened that one of my best friends from home was going to visit, so she joined us as well in the same hotel.

Plymouth – Newquay (1 hour and 30 mins travel time)

– Can be travelled by car, bus, train.

1st Day:

– Checked in the hotel.

– Walked around the town centre and bought some pasties for Lei (my friend) to try.

Lei’s first pasty
– Started raining hard, but typical. This didn’t stop Lei and I, so we carried on exploring while Chris was left in the hotel.

Awesome house in Newquay

Selfie by the beach on a rainy day
– In the evening, we had dinner at a place called “Ohana Beach Cafe” where they served lots of finger food and mexican inspired dishes. I wasn’t impressed with the food, but the vibe in that cafe was nice, as there was live Reggae music, and people are just dancing. And of course, we had to try some Cornish cider!

   11851192_10207389003383253_1273411983_n   11844155_10207389003423254_1460341109_n

2nd Day:

– Lei’s departure for London. I was able to get a roundtrip bus ticket for Lei from London – Plymouth, and Newquay – London, for 28GBP total. An alternative if you’re on a tight budget.

Off to London from Newquay

– Weather started to get better today and we were also off to the festival.





3rd Day:

The day got even better as the sunshine is fully out! So we decided to go and have a walk around Fistral Beach and here are some of the photos:

11853857_10207389004103271_1323019532_n  11853974_10207389003703261_609111728_n11853955_10207389004303276_233319551_n11118246_10207389004223274_326644207_n


Until next time Newquay!



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