2 nights in Copenhagen

First of all, Ryan Air promos are awesome! London to Copenhagen return for £19.98/person.


So here is the itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Copenhagen

Nørrebro – Central Station – Meat Packing District – Carlsberg

From the airport you can get a day ticket for the metro in central Copenhagen. £7.50pp and you can use it for 24 hours and this includes bus rides as well. As soon as you’ve got this ticket, you don’t really need to scan it, or insert it into any machine. The only time it will be checked if there are ticket officers who will ask for it in the bus or the metro.

Checked into our AirBnb flat in the district of Nørrebro. The flat was £55 per night for a spacious double room, kitchen, and a private bathroom. The flat is owned by a young lovely couple who made sure our stay was perfect.

Flat in Nørrebro

Behind the flat we were staying is the Assistens Cemetery, where we had a little stroll after our check in, to see the tombstone of the famous Hans Christian Andersen.





After this, we had food at a hip cafe called “Laundromat.” Get your clothes washed whilst you enjoy their delicious meals.

Meal at “Laundromat”

Took the bus to the Central Station and walked from there to the meat packing district, where all the cool bars and restaurants are. Must go, if you’re up for a chilled evening with some good crowd.

Central Station
Having a few drinks at “Bakken”

Since it was J-Day — the day the local brewery releases their Christmas beer, we decided to walk through the busy streets and through the Carlsberg brewery, where we saw a lot of beer bottles and drunk people on the streets. 



Day 2: Copenhagen Cycling Day

Nørrebro – Christianshavn – Nyhavn – Strøget

Started the day by renting a bicycle in a nearby bike shop. It was 50DKK per bicycle for 24 hours. So we cycled from Nørrebro to a Christianshavn where the famous Freetown Christiania is.



Start of Christiania


IMG_1143 IMG_1146 IMG_1147

After seeing Christiania, we carried on cycling to Nyhavn.



Parked our bicycles just at the start of the walk to the restaurants and had food at Nyhavn 17. From here, we walked to the Royal Palace and on to the Little Mermaid.




After our tiring day around the city, we decided to go the shopping district and have a coffee break.



Ended the day at a wine bar in Nørrebro called “Antidote.” (no photo)


Day 3: Goodbye Copenhagen!

Nørrebro – Sunday driving to Helsingoør – Copenhagen Street Food – Flight back to London

On our last day, our friends Amanda and Mads decided to drive us near the coast and the port that goes to Helsingborg, Sweden.

Then went back to the city and tried the “Copenhagen Street Food” where they have a wide selection of food, from Indian to some authentic Danish street food.








Til next time Copenhagen!


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